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At Liquid Intelligence, we aspire to connect the perfect artist with the right crowd. Our primary goal is to help these creators grow their online presence, maximize their monetization potential, and navigate the complexities of the digital media landscape.

We empower artists, musicians, and other creative talents to take control of their careers connect with their audiences directly, and provide networks. These networks often leverage technology and digital tools to enable artists to distribute their work, build a fan base, and generate income independently or with minimal intermediaries.

We are an organization that specializes in identifying, recruiting, and placing creative professionals in various industries. These professionals can include designers, writers, artists, filmmakers, marketing creatives, and other individuals with creative skills. We work closely with clients seeking to hire creative talent and match them with suitable candidates.

We at Liquid indulge in Creator and media management, Artist-powered Networking, and Creative Talent Acquisition. These are our mini events which we acquired and executed using our such assets and sources.


Jazz Night (30 June 2023)

Chris Masand and his band “Jazzbaat” performed at “Pork Hub, Jhmsikhel”. The event was organized by Liquid Intelligence. An attendenace of over 200 people were present at the venue. The performances were very unique as Jazzbaat performed savvy pieces which produced electricity throughout the crowd. Chris is known for being a legendary musical engineer. He has worked on mainstream and popular pieces such as the movie jab we met and manji. Liquid Intelligence organized this function with ease. Not just the performances but the venue, bar, food and tech as well. This was one of the most unique events in Nepal.

Welling Words (7 July 2023)

Biplop Pratik started the show with his very famous poem “Tmro Tyo akha sachikai sagar ho”. After interacting with the audience he passed on the mic to the start of the show “Ava Nunan”. She came in with confidence and flair. Her perfectly engineered words and sentences left the crowd in awe. After conveying her masterpieces to the crowd. “Biplop Pratik”, again took the stage to end the show. Welling Words was a poem night organized by Liquid Intelligence. Such events in Nepal are managed by us on a weekly basis.

Musical Friday with Sanup Paudel (25 July 2023)

Sanup Paudel, an artist managed by Liquid Intelligence. The voice behind the legendary song “Daiba Hey” performed at one of the liquid events. He paid tribute to legendary singers such as Narayan Gopal by performing their masterpieces. This mesmerizing event held in Nepal had a joyous and emotional setting, bringing forth a range of emotions. Musical Friday also featured the legend “Chris Masand”. Such events in Nepal are managed by us on a weekly basis.

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