The term "Gandharba" in Nepal designates a particular ethnic and professional group. Traditional associations of the Gandharbas, also known as Gandarbhas or Gandharvas, include music, amusement, and folk art. They have a distinctive cultural background and are renowned for their musical prowess, especially while playing the "sarangi," a traditional string instrument from Nepal.

In the past, Gandharbas were frequently itinerant minstrels and musicians who performed at various festivals and festivities while moving from village to village. They were crucial in maintaining and promoting Nepal's traditional music and cultural heritage.

1:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Pork Hub, Jhamsikhel

Tribal Haat (Phase I)

Tribal Haat aims to create a space for folk artists who have a passion for continuingthe threatened music of their community. It aims to showcase diverse muscal performers, traditions and instruments, from the Gandharvas known as the bearers of Nepali folk music to the Chyabrung drum of the Limbus, and the Kauda dance of the Magars. The social event will be a joyous hub for the original and authentic sounds of Nepal.